Tritton Detonator XBOX 360 Headset Review

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Tritton XBOX 360 Detonator Stereo Headset Review

User Experience and Conclusion

The installation process for the Tritton Detonator relatively straight forward, while there are a lot of cables to connect the headset to the XBOX 360 we do get a full set of instructions. That said, a basic understanding of XBOX 360 audio connectors will be beneficial. We found the cable length was ample and the product allows for use with traditional or newer HDMI 360 setups which is a nice touch.

Generally the Detonator feels like a quality bit of kit, it is comfortable and has a weighty solid feel. The asymmetrical ear cup design fitted around our ears well and with the addition the padding and the adjustable headband the Detonator is a very comfortable headset to wear.

Sound quality from the earcups is good; we tested the top and bottom ranges and found that the Detonator accurately transmitted the sound but source material is very important. Give the headset a low quality audio feed and tone is somewhat lacking however when we popped a DVD (Bronson – high pitch screaming and low rumbly dialogue) in we found that the Detonator gave us a full range of high quality audio.

The breakaway, removable flexible microphone, as Tritton call it is worthy of a special mention. It is hyper flexible and has a solid, near indestructible feel. The jack clips firmly into the left earcup but given a good pull is removable. Sound quality of the microphone is crisp and clear however we did note that when during the installation process we turned the microphone volume up full it cut out the game audio into the ear cups even when SVM is off.

Tritton state that the Detonator is compatible with most MP3 players and mobile phones, so to test this we connected the detonator to an iPod nano and listened to a variety of music and spoken audio. Generally we found it to be clear and crisp but a little bass heavy which some may appreciate.

We also connected the detonator to a Samsung Galaxy S2. Listening to music via the Detonator gave us equally high quality audio and we found that microphone works well and provides clear capture of our voice.

The Tritton Detonator does everything we ask of it well and those looking for a good all round XBOX 360 midrange headset will find this a quality product that is built to last

Product Award
GameShark (UK) – £59.99
GameShark (US) – $79.99

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