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Tritton Detonator XBOX 360 Headset Review

Tritton Detonator XBOX 360 Headset Review

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Tritton XBOX 360 Detonator Stereo Headset Review

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http://littledelightscakes.com/essay-editing-services/ Essay Editing Services The installation process for the Tritton Detonator relatively straight forward, while there are a lot of cables to connect the headset to the XBOX 360 we do get a full set of instructions. That said, a basic understanding of XBOX 360 audio connectors will be beneficial. We found the cable length was ample and the product allows for use with traditional or newer HDMI 360 setups which is a nice touch.

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Sound quality from the earcups is good; we tested the top and bottom ranges and found that the Detonator accurately transmitted the sound but source material is very important. Give the headset a low quality audio feed and tone is somewhat lacking however when we popped a DVD (Bronson – high pitch screaming and low rumbly dialogue) in we found that the Detonator gave us a full range of high quality audio.

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http://korma.hram.by/?my-goals-essay-college My Goals Essay College The Tritton Detonator does everything we ask of it well and those looking for a good all round XBOX 360 midrange headset will find this a quality product that is built to last

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