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Friday | July 29, 2016
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Kingston HyperX Genesis Quad Channel 2400MHz DDR3 Review

Kingston HyperX Genesis Quad Channel 2400MHz DDR3 Review

Kingston HyperX Genesis DDR3-2400 8GB-Kit Quad Channel Memory Review


Looking first at the build quality and design of Kingston’s latest HyperX Genesis kit we have a set of modules which meet their usual high standard. The sticks look attractive with their blue aluminium heatsinks but more importantly they feel solid, a change from many modules where the heatsinks can feel flimsy.

In terms of performance this kit scores well. The bandwidth increases are clear to see when compared to more standard 1600MHz modules and while there are small gains to be had in most real world tasks the key result was gaming where our framerate noticeably improved when using HyperX. It is also worth noting that the sticks are very easy to set up, just enter the BIOS then select 2133 or 2400MHz, then save and reboot to get the benefit of Kingston’s enhanced speeds.

At the time of writing the RRP had not been communicated to us however we fully expect that these modules will be competitive with sticks from other manufacturers. Finally, the lifetime warranty gives added peace of mind that the sticks are built to last.

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