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Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third (Onlive, PC, 360 and PS3)

Saints Row: The Third (Onlive, PC, 360 and PS3)

Saints Row: The Third developed by Volition and published by THQ is the latest title in the Saints Row series and we play as the leader of the Third Street Saints gang in the open environment of Steelport city. The story focuses on a gang war between the Saints and the Syndicate but before the main plot line is established the game starts with an attempted bank robbery and the character of Josh Birk. He is a TV star who is researching his part for the forthcoming Saints’ movie and this neatly establishes that the Saints have turned their gang into a media empire, launching a wide range of merchandise and sponsorship. Writing An Admission Essay English

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Saints Row: The Third is a third person perspective action adventure game that blends driving sequences with gun fights, all set in the vast open urban sprawl of Steelport. We have the option of completing the story missions to progress through the game or exploring the city. Exploration of Steelport reveals numerous rival gang members to kill, property to buy, items to collect (such as drug caches and sex dolls) and photo opportunities with fans. Added to this are mini-games activities such as Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax, Insurance Fraud, Tank Mayhem, Guardian Angle, Tiger Escort and many, many more. As well as these ad-hoc diversions we can access the Saints Book using the in-game Smartphone styled menu system. The Saints Book gives us a list of side mission that are either an assassination, a car theft or a statistics based challenge. And as well as an the upgrade menu the Saints Book also offers a music play list and Phone Book so we can contact our partners in crime when in need of information on our criminal income and cheats. Buy A School Paper

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On certain story missions we are given the opportunity to choose the action that ends the mission and in this way action has a long lasting effect on character development. For example the first decision we are faced with is whether or not to blow up the Syndicate’s HQ or to take it over. Blowing it up gains us a lot of respect but cause NPCs to react differently to us, while leaving the building standing gives us more control over the neighbourhood and more hourly income.

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Sociological Research Paper Customisation doesn’t stop at just the character though as we have the ability to steal any passing vehicle and take it to a chop shop, which are also numerous and located throughout Steelport. If we have sufficient funds we can indulge ourselves in customising the vehicle as we see fit.

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In terms of graphics, this game is unimpressive and suffers from, infrequent glitches. While it is true the environment is vast and feels city sized it is sparsely populated and lacks detail at street level. Driving around Steelport traffic pops into existence right before our eyes and on one occasion during a particularly great piece of driving we managed to launch the car through the air and wedge it nose down between a bridge support and a nearby container. When we exited the car we magically walked through the solid steel wall of the container, unfortunately, like so many illegal immigrants before us, we were now trapped within the reconstituted walls of the container and forced to load a save.

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Above all else Saints Row: The Third is a lot of fun. It is a depraved adult theme park of a game that doesn’t take its self too seriously but keeps the focus on an enjoyable gaming experience. This isn’t for the easily offended though as the game takes horrific violence, criminal behaviour and the objectification of women as light hearted and goofy, tackling subject matters like abduction, rape, slavery and sex traffic with puns and bad taste jokes. Enjoyment of this game is going to be very personal marmite type experience and even then all but the hard core player will find the unnecessary expletives and constant degradation of the female characters a little wearing towards the end of the game.

All this enjoyable carnage is set is in a vast and open environment which is sadly lacking in detail and, as mentioned above, suffers from occasional glitches. The most annoying of these glitches is not the experience of being trapped in a box but rather that certain activities such as Tank Mayhem or Insurance Fraud require us to blow stuff up or get hit by cars, respectively. It is at these points that we notice the lack of population; Steelport is a ghost town. Juxtaposing the graphics in our sensory experience is the audio, which not only provides us with excellent voice acting and sound effects but also a high quality soundtrack across a number of different musical types.

In 15 or so hours of gameplay players should complete main story missions and then we have the secondary mission/activities to consider meaning that this game is extremely good value for those seeking 100% completion. One of the longest games we have played in a while in fact.

Frenzied fun, that doesn’t take its self seriously. Not for those easily offended or under age. A puerile sense of humour, a liking for graphic violence and sexual depravity would help. Writing A College Admissions Essay Score 83%

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