Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Peripherals by Razer

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Razer Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Peripherals Review - Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headset and Gaming Mouse Mat

The Old Republic Gaming Headset by Razer

Like the Star Wars Gaming Mouse our The Old Republic gaming headset arrives in a package which has a real feel and look of quality. The game branding is once again present and Razer’s logo has been tailored to meet the colour scheme of the packaging. Once again we get plenty of product information on the other sides of the box and inside is the product documentation along with two sets of stickers.

The Old Republic Gaming Headset is shown above and is a lightweight model with circumaural design. At the top of the headset we have a padded headband with cloth finish and the headset extends by around an inch on each side with 12 lengths available per arm.

The headset weighs 318g and measures 195x180x100mm.

Each of the ear cups has a cloth/foam pad with Star Wars esq design in the centre which covers the 50mm drivers which support 3D positional audio/Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound. Then extending from the left side of the headset we have a unidirectional boom microphone which swivels up/down and has a rubber section in the middle to assist with placement.

Like the mouse our headset has illuminated sections (which we will look at later) and once again there are up to 16 million colours available. The base of each ear lights up, as do the logo’s on the side which can be changed between Galactic Republic and Sith Empire emblems.

Also on the sides of the ear cups are buttons, those on the left control mic volume and mute with the right side doing the same for the ear cups.

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