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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Peripherals by Razer Phd Thesis Electrical Power Writing Term Paper Help

Razer Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Peripherals Review - Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headset and Gaming Mouse Mat

User Experience – Software

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Product image Anne Frank Book Report Help The Razer Star Wars mouse, headset and keyboard along with the Naga are components which use the new Synapse 2.0 software. This new software replaces the standard driver and control panel method used by Razer. Need Help Writing A Business Plan Writing A Research Proposal For Phd

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Good Customer Service Essay When Synapse 2.0 finds the SW: TOR peripherals it applies appropriate branding to the control panel and on the first screens we find the options to configure our profiles (program linking possible), buttons and macro’s.

Product image Product image Product image Homework Help Geometry Proofs On the other tabs we also get the option to configure our mouse sensitivity, acceleration and polling rate, configure and monitor power and power saving settings as well as change our lighting options. This includes a cycling through the entire colour spectrum as well as enabling the lights to interact with in-game events.

Product image Product image Product image Rewrite Essay Moving to the headset area within Synapse 2.0 our first tab looks at volume, balance, Dolby and microphone settings. The next tab allows us to fine tune the equalizer and the final screen looks at lighting, again with the option to sync our headset illumination with in-game events.

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Also worth noting is that we generate our colour crystal code from within this application, allowing us to change or blaster fire or light sabre blade to Razer green as well as linking out to Facebook, Twitter and Razer.

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