NZXT Switch 810 Case Review

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NZXT Switch 810 Case Review Featuring Havik 120 and 140 Coolers and Hale82 Power Supply


We started this review looking at the Switch 810 so let’s begin the conclusion in the same way and look at its build quality. Overall the Switch case is very impressive on that front with solid steel construction, a good paint job and some very nice plastic with soft touch coating that fits the overall chassis very well. Internally the high level of build quality continues with rubber covers on the wiring holes, more construction which feels solid and good, NZXT branded fans.

On a design level the Switch 810 also scores well. It looks great in white and on a functional level it is very flexible. We can install 3×120, 3×140 and 90mm radiators, up to 10 fans, 7 hard drives, water-cooling top and bottom, the fastest graphics card available, 19cm CPU coolers, E and XL ATX cases… really anything that an enthusiast would want to do can be done with this case…it even has a card reader which is ideal for camera junkies. That said there are two areas we would have changed. Firstly we would have made the opening and closing mechanism for the top vents a little smoother (motorised?), its slightly clunky as is. Secondly we would have twisted the drive cages round to a more natural install angle. They are easy to access from the right panel but this also risks disturbing our wiring. That said little touches such as the pop out filters and back of case lighting more than cancel out these issues.

Moving on to performance we have a case which excels in both noise and airflow. The fans used by NZXT really do move a lot of air and this assists our coolers in maintaining low temperatures. In fact we had the case sitting on the floor during the writing of this review and the cold air blasting out the back was actually uncomfortable on our legs, in jeans. The added inclusion of USB 3.0 also means we have plenty of speed available for our connected devices.

Moving to the Havik coolers we were happy with the build quality of each model. They felt sturdy and the parts used, such as NZXT fans, were of a high standard. Installation was simple and the manual easy to follow and overall there was one issue… we really were not fans of the rubber fan mounts. Standard clips as used by other manufacturers work just as well and are less fiddly. That said the performance cannot be faulted and these two coolers offered top notch performance in the air cooling marketplace.

So that brings us to the Hale82 PSU which as we noted is a Seasonic design. Past experience tells us that this means a very high quality device and the NZXT version was no different. Quality hardware such as Japanese 105°C capacitors were used throughout, the minimal amount of native wiring was present and to match cases like the switch 810 the unit even has an extended 8pin wire. Thermal and noise performance was decent, voltages strong from the 750w model and efficiency was in line with the bronze certification which this PSU carries. The real stand out result, as is always the case with Seasonic designs, was the ripple test though with some of the best figures we have seen in some time.

In terms of value, the Havik and Hale82 products are well priced when we take into account performance and quality compared to the competition. The Switch 810 has an RRP of $169.99 with a 2-year warranty and given the flexibility this seems fair… certainly a case which will last through a few builds.

NZXT Switch 810 Case
Product Award
RRP $169.99

NZXT Havik 120 CPU Cooler
Product Award

NZXT Havik 140 CPU Cooler
Product Award
Scan – £53.87
NewEgg – $59.99

NZXT Hale82 750W Power Supply
Product Award
NewEgg – $119.99

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