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Alienware X51 Desktop Review

Alienware X51 Desktop Review Letter Cover For Resume

Alienware X51 Desktop Review

Upgrade to Radeon 7950 / SSD

Because of the way Alienware have built and designed the X51 pretty much every component inside can be changed. This includes simple tweaks such as moving to a Blu-ray optical drive or upgrading memory, to changing a CPU or hard drive with the GPU also swappable. In theory it should also be possible to change the motherboard completely though there may be some issues with wiring, power layout etc. Assignment Writing On Deviance

Product image Emerson Essays First Series Although it is quite easy to completely replace the hard drive within the X51 (remove the Graphics bracket 2 screws then remove a screw on the drive before sliding it out) we feel that leaving it in is best, then installing a SSD on the spare SATA port, storing it elsewhere with the ideal location being the top of the optical drive caddy. This will require the user to purchase a short SATA cable and splitter for the optical drive power but is otherwise a simple process. Dissertation Philosophie Hegel Essay Typing Literary Analysis Essay On The Hunger Games Admission Essay Writing Org College Essay Community Service

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Looking at SSDs first we have the Seagate mechanical drive to use as a baseline and the Samsung SSDs that Alienware are fond of score around 278/270 MB/s, nearly 3x faster. A Samsung 830 Series SATA 3 drive hits 550/410 MB/s though which is a huge gap. That doesn’t tell the whole story though as the whole system is more responsive with an SSD, from booting to general use and even opening games and loading levels benefit from the SSD being used.

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