HTC Titan Windows Phone Review

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HTC Titan X310e Windows Phone Review

Software and Apps

With dimension, specs and styling very similar to HTC’s Sensation XL, the point of interest for us with this phone is the software. The Titan is running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) at the time of this review. Navigation around the OS is split between two areas. The first section we encounter when we unlock the phone is two columns of dynamic live tiles. These represent a feature or application that we can access by tapping and each can be moved or deleted by a longer press. Navigation through the area is achieved by swiping up and down. Navigation is very responsive and the tiles remain animated even when moving. A right to left swipe accesses the list of the phones applications; this can also be achieved by tapping an arrow at the top right corner of our screen. In a similar style to Android, notifications appear at the top of the screen and our "home" button is the Windows logo. Next to the Windows button is the magnifying glass which launches Bing search and the left arrow takes us back a screen.

In addition to the standard Windows Phone default tiles HTC have included the HTC Hub for access to weather and information along with HTC Watch. Watch is an area where we can access/manage video content and each of the HTC apps uses a Sense like look and feel.

Pre-installed Apps

In terms of out of the box apps we get a good selection and the noteworthy items are:

Microsoft Office: As well as Excel, Word and PowerPoint we can also access SharePoint and SkyDrive. On top of that, there is the option to use Office 365, which lets us remotely share files in a different way. These are lighter versions of the full PC software but the core functionality is there and works very well both as a tool to create new documents and to edit imported ones.

Xbox Live: We can send messages and create an avatar. Microsoft seems to have branded all things game related Xbox and linked it in to our Marketplace downloads. Obviously we need a Live account to access Xbox Live but that is required at the initial phone set up.

Bing: For maps and all things internet we are understandably obliged to use Bing. It works as well as rival products and gives us a few added extras such as local searches for things including eating, drinking and tourist attractions.

The complete list of Pre-loaded apps is:

Alarms, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Connected Media, connection Setup, HTC Flashlight, Games, Help+How-To, HTC Hub, HTC Watch, Internet Explorer, Locations, Maps, Marketplace, Messages, Music+Video, Notes, Office, People, Phone, Photo Enhancer, Pictures and Setting. When we first setup the phone, a number of these apps are pinned to the Start column, turning the app icon into a live dynamic tile.

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