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RHA SA-850 Headphones and MA-350 Earphones Review

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RHA SA-850 Headphones and MA-350 Earphones Review

RHA SA-850 Headphones & MA-350 Earphones Review

Here at HardwareHeaven we are always pleased to see new products from UK based companies. So we are delighted to have on our test bench today two headphones from Reid and Heath Acoustics. Reid and Heath Acoustics, RHA, are a Glasgow based firm who specialise in high specification audio products and engineer headphones to deliver a professional grade, cutting edge sound. Proposals For Thesis Olivier Thonnard Phd Thesis Packaging and Bundle

Product image Product image Thesis Statement Creator The SA-850 headphones are presented in a medium sized package, only slightly larger than the headphones themselves. The front of the package features a large clear plastic section where we can see the headphones, which are securely fixed inside. The front of the package also highlights the key features of the SA-850 headset. Doctoral Thesis Schedule Essay On Shakespeare

Product image Product image

Research Paper Journal Article The MA-350 ear buds are provided in a compact package, which again features a plastic window that allows us to see the design of the headphones. Like the SA-850 the front of the MA-350 package highlights some of the key features as well as the RHA logo.

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