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PSVITA - PlayStation Vita Launch Review and Game Overview

Sony PlayStation®Vita Launch Review

It has been well over two decades since portable gaming really took off with the release of the Nintendo Gameboy. Since then we have seen Nintendo regularly release updates on their handheld technology, others come and go such as the SEGA Game Gear and new players enter the market such as Sony with their PlayStation Portable.

The PSP was first released in 2004 and at that time was very much cutting edge, offering graphics and media functionality which far exceeded the Nintendo DS which also had a 2004 launch. Throughout the time since Sony have tweaked the PSP design and specification, releasing the PSP Go as the most significant change and more recently launching the budget orientated PSP-E1000.

The true successor to the PSP, the PlayStation Vita, launches next week in Europe and the USA and today we will take a detailed look at our console covering the new hardware, operating system and a selection of launch day titles which include the latest Uncharted game, Golden Abyss along with WipeOut 2048 and a number of more casual games including Little Deviants which makes full use of the unique PS Vita touch controls.

Packaging and Bundle

The PS Vita press kit arrived with us in a blue sleeve that slid off to reveal a presentation booklet with the Vita encased within. Along with the console we received USB cable, mains cable and charger (which uses the USB cable). Depending on the bundle/retailer chosen consumers can also expect to receive a set of in-ear headphones, memory card and starter kit (cleaning cloth, cases, pouch and wrist strap).

Official Accessories

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