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UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3 Dissertation Statistical Services John Caruso

UFC Undisputed 3 (XBOX 360) Review

UFC Undisputed 3 (XBOX 360)

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, have come a long way since its days as a somewhat shady underground sport. Now MMA pay-per-views make millions and it has all the glitz and glamour of the biggest boxing matches or American pro wrestling. Help With Writing College Application Essays 4

Product image Product image Ghostwriter Steven Wilson I Need A Wife Essay Gameplay
UFC Undisputed 3 offers us a wide variety of gameplay options. First up is the exhibition mode, which is the standard jump in with both feet option that some players love. We are able to select fighters from either the UFC roster or the PRIDE roster, more on PRIDE in a moment. The UFC roster is massive, with over 150 fighters, and covers all the weight divisions from Heavyweights to Bantamweights. To wage war in we have a great selection of arenas to pick from, all featuring the classic UFC octagon. Term Papers On Divorce

Product image Product image How To Write A Myth Essay Career mode has great depth, from the fully customisable fighter that we can create at the beginning through the training and sponsorship that we can get by winning fights. Along the way we get great video packages for the milestones in our career, such as our first professional fight, with UFC stars sharing their own experiences with us.

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For any new players to the UFC world the game provides a complete tutorial that walks us through the basics of the game as well the more advanced move sets. Although we have played UFC Undisputed before it was really helpfully to complete the tutorial to remind us how best to play the game.

Finally there will be a multiplayer online mode; however as this was an advanced preview copy this option was not available for playtest.

Product image Product image Dissertation Canon Feudal Law Wiki Graphics
The graphics in UFC Undisputed 3 are excellent. The player models are really good and the collision detection between the fighters is crisp, we didn’t see any clipping during our gameplay. Damage dished out is nicely replicated on the fighter models, with cuts/bruises and swellings looking very realistic.

The model animation is also very good. The movement of the fighters is fluid and looks very natural. Movement capture has been utilised for some of the more popular UFC fighters, however even the archetype model movements look really good.

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The arenas are very well presented in game, both for the UFC and PRIDE brands. For UFC we get the classic octagon along with a baying crowd. Occasionally we catch sight of one of the large video replay screens which are synonymous with UFC events, and we see TV footage of the fight are currently involved with, a very cool effect.

For the PRIDE arenas we have the standard boxing ring, however being Japanese we get a full on remake from UFC, including Japanese ring announcer and referee.

UFC Undisputed 3 offers a great many in game video packages and these are all produced to a very high standard.

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Audio in UFC is great. The in fight audio is very good, with the punches and kicks really coming across well. The in fight commentary is also good, with appropriate comments that don’t seem to repeat themselves too often.

For the PRIDE events we get proper Japanese introductions, which comes with English translation if our Japanese isn’t up to scratch.

The menu and in game music is very rock orientated, which suits the game very well but might not be to everyone’s taste. It is also quite loud, and highlights our only gripe with the game. The audio can only be switched on or off, there isn’t a volume level control. We liked the music and would have left it playing if we could have reduced the volume just a touch.

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User Experience and Conclusion
In ring action for UFC Undisputed 3 is really tight. Previous versions for the UFC game have been lauded for their fighting playability and with this release it seems Yuke’s have stuck with a winning formula. Strikes are controlled via the buttons, while the ground game is controlled using the right analogue stick. Combination shots are encouraged, as is playing intelligently. UFC games have never been simple button bashers, as just like in the real sport one mistimed move and we could find ourselves knocked out cold.

Yuke’s have made some changes in gameplay from the previous versions, such as including a new submission system. We found this works really well, quite simple to pick up however hard to master. There are also new KO animations and new submission moves.

Overall UFC Undisputed 3 delivers all we could ask for in a MMA fighting game. A great roster of fighters from two great organisations, get to slug it out for all the glory. The career mode has great depth to it and the other modes provide longevity of gameplay. The overall presentation of the game is excellent, and for players new to the world of UFC there is plenty of guidance offered to keep us on the right path. Best Mba Essay Editing Services Overall 92/100

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