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Binary Domain (XBOX 360) Thesis Custom Footer Menu Binary Domain is a console only squad based Third Person Shooter (Xbox 360 and PS3) developed by Yakuza Studio and published by Sega. Walking the fine line between being inspired by other media and being the focus of a lawsuit Binary Domain is set in a world where civilisation has created extremely intelligent robots that look human and unsurprisingly, they have started to run amuck.

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The games starts with a short cinematic scene showing an attack by a Hollow Child on the world’s largest robotics company, the US based Bergen. Following the attack it is concluded that Tokyo based robotics company, Amada (not to be confused with the real international company of the same name with premises in Japan specialising in machine tooling!) is responsible for the creation of the Hollow Children.

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Product image Buy Literature Essay The Consequence System doesn’t just impact on our squad’s effectiveness in battle; it changes the path we take through the game story. Different team members will see different things in the environments and use different tactics. They require us to adapt to them as much as they respond to us. How To Do Your Homework Without Throwing Up

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Dissertation Writing Editing Help To achieve our destructive intents we have access to thirty different weapons. We are equipped with four weapon slots, two of which we cannot change and the other two are designated as explosive and secondary weapon. We are equipped with a pistol with infinite ammunition and an assault rifle with underslung single energy weapon as our primary weapon. These weapon slots cannot be changed but we are able to change to a secondary weapon when we acquire one or use our explosive when available. Buying A Dissertation Viva Buy Registration Code Homework Manager

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Binary Domain is a good looking game. The environments are highly detailed and each location has a very different look and feel. The weather effects at the beginning of the game are particularly good, giving us a real sense of the rain soaked misery the character is experiencing. Character models are also good quality, while it is not to be considered photo realistic, certain elements of the faces are not far off.

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When we first heard about Binary Domain it sounded like another Science Fiction shooter featuring homicidal AI… another Philip K Dick inspired unoriginal offering. Whether this game traces its roots back to Philip K Dick’s literature, James Cameron’s Terminator film, Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis or even the seminal play by Karel Čapek R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), published in 1920, the success of Binary Domain would always be based on the indefinable quality of gameplay rather than the plot being based on ideas almost a century old.

That said when it comes to actually playing through the game the combat is good and there are some impressive sections to break up the run and gun main gameplay. The cinematic plot advancing scenes are short, interesting, well timed and skippable then at points we also found ourselves riding jet skis through the sewers, climbing mechanical tentacles and lining up an explosive trap to take out a marauding Gorilla bot.

Like the B movies we love to watch, this game is enjoyable but not excellent. It does have potential though and if the developers are given a sequel to fine tune their ideas it could well make for a grade A gaming experience.


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