Cebit 2012

Cebit 2012 Coverage by HardwareHeaven

Cebit 2012 Coverage by HardwareHeaven

Zotac announced new Zbox products at Cebit however one of the other talking points is an upcoming model in that range… their smallest Zbox yet but no less feature packed.


Powercolor bring their advanced cooler to the 7800 series featuring twistable fans for varied airflow… overclocks included of course.

Boards based on Intel’s new Z77 chipset was very much on show at ASRock, as well as mini PC’s with 3D capability.

Some impressive new cases on show at Thermaltake along with their wide range of PSUs, coolers and peripherals.

Extreme overclocking at GSkill.


Shuttle still focusing on SFF systems and clearly aiming for compact yet stylish.

Enermax look to enhance our audio experience and show off their upcoming gamer keyboard too. Of course PSUs were on show along with their first liquid cooler and the latest Hoplite case with removable 2.5" bays and headphone hanger.

Lian-Li continue to look at small chassis design as well as alternate layouts on larger cases.

CMStorm were showing off their cases, audio products and mice which we have already reviewed… and their keyboards which look to appeal to gamers.

Intel’s area at the show was a mix of gamer events and activities as well as Ultrabooks… including those from ASUS and Dell.

Over at Sapphire we get to see one of the first, real, custom 7800’s as well as their first Vapor chamber cooler… oh and a matter of two 7900 series cards with dual BIOS (2nd overclocked) and well into double figures of memory between them. Any guesses how much is on each card?

Roccat look to enhance the gaming experience by releasing an iOS, Android and Windows Phone app that lets us monitor and control our system, including system stats, social media, voice comms and even actioning in-game controls.

AMD’s focus was on their next generation APU which will power systems that compete with Intel based Ultrabooks. Video quality is also key to that product and AMD have a range of enhancements which will vastly improve the experience of watching content.

Razer were showing their new Mass Effect branded peripherals as well as their latest headset… true 7.1 audio and some impressive styling.

Rounding off the coverage today is OCZ with their latest storage devices including the Indilinx based Vertex 4 and the fastest USB 3.0 drive we have ever seen. Want something to power them? How about a 1200w, rather stylish Silercer MK III.

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