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MSI R7970 Lightning Enthusiast Overclocked Graphics Card Review

MSI R7970 Lightning Enthusiast Overclocked Graphics Card Review Order Of Importance In Essay Writing

MSI R7970 Lightning Enthusiast Overclocked Graphics Card Review

Power, Temps, Noise and Overclocking Cheap Articles As with the Radeon 6900 series and GTX 500 series the 7900 series performs power management in a different way to older cards so we have changed the way we test power and temperature levels in our reviews. For idle power we list the full system use at the wall after sitting at the desktop with no activity for 5 minutes. Load power is the highest reading we saw for the full system when testing during this review. Temperatures are taken in the same way. Noise levels are taken after a period of prolonged gaming in a scenario which applied maximum load to the GPU.

  Idle Writing A Cover Letter Power Load
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Temp Term Paper Plagiarism Load
MSI R7970 Lightning Stock BIOS 140w 298w 32°C 72°C
MSI R7970 Lightning OC BIOS 130w 308w 31°C 72°C
GeForce GTX 580 OC 136w 351w 30°C 67°C

Buy Research Proposal Papers At idle we see that the MSI card actually sits above the level we would expect for a 7970, well by 6w or so anyway which takes it a little closer to the GTX 580 level with all three results similar for temperatures. Interestingly the "stock" bios on the MSI card is drawing more power at idle.

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Pay To Do Assignment Sticking with the power and noise theme for a moment one of the key 7970 features which was covered in our original review is the advanced power management which has been implemented in Crossfire. In that mode AMD are able to send the second card to an ultra-low power state when idle and as shown below this means turning the GPU and memory to 0MHz.

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Buying Research Papers Online Reviews Overclocking on the MSI 7970 is a simple process; we open our driver control panel and head into the Overdrive section or use MSI’s own Afterburner utility which offers more in-depth monitoring and voltage tweaking. We simply begin moving the sliders to our desired speed and it is as easy as that to overclock.

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1070/1400 Analysis Of Results Dissertation 1265/1505 X3014 X3282

How To Write A High School Application 30 Year On our sample we were able to achieve were 1265MHz on the core and 1505 MHz on memory with the overclocked BIOS. That is the highest core overclock we have seen on a 7970 by some way and the end result is the performance increases shown throughout this review.

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