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Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal (PS3) Review

Twisted Metal (PS3)

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Reviews The first Twisted Metal game was originally released on the first PlayStation way back in 1995. Spin forward seven sequels and 17 years later and the latest version of the series, also just called Twisted Metal, releases this week. Developed by Eat Sleep Play and published by Sony Computer Entertainment this latest version of Twisted Metal brings us a new level of vehicular combat, carnage and destruction. Forgot My Homework Excuses

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Twisted Metal features two main types of game play, a single player story mode and a multiplayer online mode. For the single player story mode we take on the persona of three different individuals Sweet Tooth, Mr Grimm and Dollface. Each of the players has their own introduction cut scene, as well as additional cut scenes as we play through the challenges. Each of the stories has a number of race challenges to complete before facing a final boss type challenge. When we defeat the boss we are treated to a final cut scene showing the outcome of the wish fulfilment, which is always granted in a very ironic and generally unpleasant way. Phd Accounting

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Each of the vehicle types has a standard weapon, which is constantly available for use but causes low damage to opponents as well as a special weapon which is on a recharge timer as it causes much larger damage. The special weapons are appropriate to the vehicle, for example the tow truck picks up a car and can sling it into our opponents. Additional weapon charges and missiles are available throughout the play area and these can be picked up by driving over them. Do Assignments

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The graphics in Twisted Metal are good, though very stylised. The near future world in which Twisted Metal takes place in is in some ways very similar to our own and very different in others. The landscapes in which the events take place range from a familiar looking American any town, to a crazy custom built arena where whole levels move up or down and burst into flames.

The vehicles are well rendered and look very mean, which given their intended purpose… to end lives, is quite appropriate. The movement of the vehicles is nice and smooth, although the arcade style action doesn’t really lend itself to any close inspection of real world physics being applied.

Some of the arenas feature destructible content, such as buildings and people and while mowing down random civilians isn’t exactly our cup of tea, if they happen to be in our way and we have the shot on our enemy we are going to take it.

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Finally on the graphics front our cut scenes are a mixture of animation and full motion video. Given the subject of the scenes some are quite disturbing and, as expected, there is plenty of blood splattered around to satisfy gore fans.

Twisted Metal features a solid sound track including the usual mix heavy rock, death metal and hip hop that suits this type of game. While never outstanding we didn’t feel the need to switch the sound down at any point, though none of the tracks ever made us want to turn the sound up either.

As well as the sound track Twisted Metal features audio queues to highlight special features that become available on your vehicle, like our special weapon, or when we are close to death. This voice over is done in the usual deep gravitas that we have come to expect from first person shooter type games.

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We found the solo play experience in Twisted Metal to be acceptable, without ever being outstanding. The stories are somewhat formulaic and once we saw one ending we could tell that the others would be fairly similar. Having said that, if gamers manage to play through to the end of the solo player game there is a nice couple of cut scenes that offer a surprise.

Ultimately Twisted Metal is a game that tries to sit astride two massive genres, racing and first person shooters. From a pure racing perspective it offers a fun experience and for first person shooter fans Twisted Metal certainly offers a reasonable distraction and a fair amount of blood soaked mayhem to be enjoyed.


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