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Thursday | May 26, 2016
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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card SLI Performance Review

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card SLI Performance Review

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 680 SLI Graphics Card Review

GTX 680 vs GTX 590

No doubt enthusiast gamers who opted for the highest performing GeForce in the last generation are wondering how it compares to the new GTX 680. For that reason we have put together a few tests covering the comparison with the GTX 590.

3DMark was tested using the Extreme Profile.

Benchmark Results

In the first test we see that 3DMark scores the GTX 590 with its dual GPUs a little above the GTX 680. To see how this translates into single screen gaming we re-ran our Arkham City test with PhysX, FXAA and maximum detail enabled.

Benchmark Results

As shown above the GTX 590 averages and peaks higher than the single GTX 680 however the minimum framerates are very similar. Adding a second GTX 680 improves the situation somewhat for the 600 series but what we need to look at is any limitations of the GTX 590 especially around the memory available to each GPU so it was now time to bump up to 5760×1080, ultra detail and maximum AA in Battlefield 3.

Benchmark Results

In this test the strength of the single GTX 680 is clear. At ultra-high resolutions and detail the core configuration along with the extra memory available to the GPU and speed of the memory bus allow it to outperform the GTX 590 which also relies on profiles to get the most from its dual GPUs. Once the GTX 680 SLI drivers are better optimised we expect the minimum framerates to improve there too for a completely smooth gaming experience averaging around 50fps.

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