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Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache (50GB) Review

SSD Only Benchmarks College Admission Essays Online 50 Successful Harvard Before we look at the Adrenaline SSD in its intended use, as a cache drive, it is worth taking note of the performance of the drive as a storage/boot drive as it is possible to use it for this function if we wish, possibly using it as portable storage device in the future after an upgrade or two.

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When looking at the performance of the Adrenaline we see that the read speeds in Atto are near the limit of SATA 2 devices at 287MB/s. Write operations are a little over 110MB/s which is just above the majority of standard mechanical drives. The comparison with a mechanical drive is more than just maximum Atto MB/s though as the drive is more regularly accessed with smaller read/write operations by the operating system and this is a scenario that Crystal DiskMark looks to emulate. For reference a standard mechanical drive scores around 3MB/s, maximum in this test whereas the Adrenaline is nearing 200MB/s on read operations, 107MB/s on writes. Pay Someone To Do Your Thesis
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