Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache Review

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Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache (50GB) Review


The Adrenaline isn’t the first time we have seen a Marvell based SSD from Crucial, or in fact Dataplex software. We saw versions of both when they were just hitting the market and back then we were impressed by the performance and features offered by both. This hasn’t changed with this product which combines the two.

In the case of the hardware we still get the same great Crucial build quality with solid casing and quality Micron/Marvell parts inside. The Dataplex software has remained essentially the same on the front end and that too is good as it therefore remains simple to install and use, though we would change the term Target Drive to "source drive" or "Windows drive" in the installer to make things a little clearer for novice users.

For performance the on paper specs of 290MB/s read and 110MB/s write are not mind blowing for modern SSDs but they don’t need to be. The aim for this product is to offer a simple, automated boost to the performance of a system based on a mechanical drive and on that front Crucial succeed. We see increases in benchmarks and common tasks such as booting the PC and application loading, anything past that very much depends on the tasks each individual user performs. Work with a particular set of files often and the Adrenaline will ensure they are accessed fast, it is as simple as that. As an added bonus the overall responsiveness of the operating system also receives a boost through the use of the Adrenaline with Dataplex software.

In terms of value the Adrenaline with its thorough bundle and 3-year warranty retails for around $97/£80 which seems fair… especially when Crucial could probably get away with calling this a 60GB model.

A quick and simple way to boost the performance of a new or existing build.

Product Award
Crucial – £80.39
Crucial – $97.51

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