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Samsung MV800 16.0MP Camera Review

Samsung Multiview MV800 – User Interface

On-screen display
The majority of our time using the Samsung MV800 will be spent in photo mode where we get access to the key settings on the left of the screen and can tap each to activate.

Settings menu page 1 Settings menu page 2

Settings menu page 3 Settings menu page 4

The key item for most users will be menu which allows us to tweak all of the main options for the camera, from the image size/detail to flash and exposure settings. Focus, ISO, white balance etc can also all be tweaked in here and this is the location we find the settings for face detection and timer should they be required.

Touch screen options 1 Touch screen options 2

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Touch screen options 3 Touch screen options 4

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Touch screen options 5

Doc Contract Officer Resume Citrb As noted earlier in the review the MV800s display has full touch screen functionality and all of the key options are present on 5 screens after we hit the "home" button. We swipe left or right to change between each and tap the icons to enter each function. This gives us quick acces to change modes, for example moving to 3D or panorama, and there are also applications present too.

Image adjustments 1 Image adjustments 2

Essay Writing Companys One of the key applications for those using the camera away from home will be the Image Adjust app which allows us to tweak aspects of the picture on the go.

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