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Friday | May 27, 2016
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MSI GT683DXR Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GT683DXR Gaming Laptop Review

3. Lid Up5. Operating System and Software

MSI GT683DXR Laptop Review

MSI GT683DXR Laptop – Components

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Earlier we noted that we gain access to the internal components by removing one panel on the base and upon doing so this reveals a very similar layout to the last generation of MSI system (right above). There are some changes though such as the extra heat pipe on the GPU and our memory layout is different. On the older machine the slots on this side of the motherboard are populated with those under the keyboard empty which complicated upgrades. This time round MSI leave the bottom slots free.

Product image Product image

Inside our review sample was a Core i7-2630QM CPU which is a quad core model with hyperthreading that runs at 2.0GHz as standard, turbo-ing up to 2.9GHz when required. This CPUs sits on a HM67 chipset based board and also connected to this is 4GB of DDR3, on our sample using a 1333MHz dual channel configuration.

The system uses a GeForce GTX 570M which is clocked at 575MHz core, 750MHz memory. The 570M is a DirectX 11 GPU which supports Shader Model 5.0, CUDA, PhysX, High Definition acceleration and GPU computing. For example it is able to assist the CPU when combined with appropriate software such as Cyberlink MediaExpresso where the GPU can speed up conversion times as well as reduce CPU use, freeing it up for other tasks.

Finally as far as key internal components are concerned we have 2x 7200RPM 750GB Seagate drives, the battery is 9 cells rated for 7800mAh/87WH and the usual wireless N/Bluetooth connectivity are present.

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