OCZ Vertex 4 Solid State Drive 512GB / 256GB Review

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OCZ Technology Vertex 4 SSD Review (256GB and 512GB)


Starting with the build quality of the Vertex 4 we have a drive which matches the high level set by OCZ’s previous models. A sturdy plastic top sits on a nice brushed metal base and the PCB is secured well inside. Attached to it are quality components from Indilinx, Intel and Micron with no noticeable defects or problems.

In terms of design the drive looks fine externally and within the unit we have the latest controller with support for various NAND technologies, interfaces, TRIM, encryption and the new Ndurance 2.0 features. Time will tell how successful Ndurance is at maximising the lifespan of our SSD however the theory is sound and OCZ are clearly very confident in succeeding as the 5-year warranty shows.

What we can say for sure though is that the performance of the drive is impressive. For someone looking at peak reads/writes the Vertex 4 might initially disappoint but as we all know peak performance is rarely achieved in day to day use and it is our everyday tasks which really matter. For this reason the results in CDM and PCM7 offer impressive glimpses of what the Vertex 4 is capable of, far exceeding the other drives in today’s comparison. When we then move to the real world use this performance is backed up by the results, the Vertex 4 always being at the front of the pack for file copy operations as well as operating system boot times and application load times.

So that brings us to value where the 128GB model should hit $179 and the 512GB $699. This combined with the 5-year (industry leading) warranty and free toolbox software along with 2.5" bracket make for a competitive all round package.

For important everyday tasks such as file copying and game/application loading along with boot times the Vertex 4 with its insanely high IOPS rating is hard to beat. An industry leading 5-year warranty sweetens the deal further.

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Prices: $179-$349-$699

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