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Tuesday | May 31, 2016
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Razer Chimaera 5.1 Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition

Razer ME3 Chimaera full headset and stand
The Chimaera 5.1 is split into two sections, the first being the base station which is finished in a high shine black plastic for the spire with the bottom using the patterned surface of the other ME3 gear, just like the top and sides of the headset.

There are five logos on the main section of the stand, the first shows the battery status and is red for charging and green for charged. The second is the EQ logo, which shows green in normal mode, red in bass mode and orange in treble mode. The third logo indicates if the Chimaera 5.1 is in Dolby Headphone mode, with green showing that Dolby mode is on. The fourth logo indicates if the Chimaera 5.1 is in local team communication mode or XBOX LIVE mode. The fifth and final logo is the power light which uses green for on and red for standby.

Also built into the stand is a 5.8GHz wireless transmitter and the Chimaera 5.1 lets the user know the charge has fallen below 10% by sounding a short beep in their ear every 2 minutes when this limit is hit.

Razer ME3 Chimaera right cup Razer ME3 Chimaera microphone

The headset sits neatly on the base station when charging, as shown in the first picture above and features a circumaural design with 50mm driver units and a padded headband for extra comfort.

Each earpiece has a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz with impedance of 32Ohms. Sensitivity is rated at 105dB +/- 2dB at 1kHz and the headset should work at distances up to 33ft/10m from the stand/transmitter (Line of sight is not required).

The headband has the Razer logo on the top of it and the charging port in the centre, which splits the two large padded sections. At each side of the band are extendable arms which allow us to adjust the headset for maximum comfort. There are 10 settings available on each side which extend the length by around 2 inches in total and each is marked with a metal slider.

The Chimaera 5.1 comes with padded fabric covers as standard and no option is available, at this time, for leatherette versions. With this being a wireless model we have no in-line remote with controls, instead they are built into the ear cups.

Starting with the left cup we find a mute button for the microphone and the standby button. Turning round to the rear of the left cup we find volume controls for the microphone. The microphone used on the Chimaera 5.1 is a unidirectional model which has a frequency response of 130-10000Hz. Its sensitivity rating is -42dB at 1kHz, 1V/Pa and the signal to noise ratio is 55dB. The microphone stalk can be rotated from vertical, where it is automatically muted, to below horizontal depending on the user’s preference and it is also slightly flexible to allow positioning closer, or further away from the mouth.

Looking at the right cup we find three buttons. The first button allows us to switch the mode between XBOX LIVE and local team communication. The second button offers dual control, a single press to mute the audio volume, or press and hold to pair the headset with the base station. The right cup also opens up from the back to reveal the battery compartment; suitable for two AAA’s and the rated play time is 12 hours after a 3 hour charge.

Razer ME3 Chimaera charge base buttons Razer ME3 Chimaera base audio connectors

The base station features four gold pins which are used for charging the headset on the top and a Razer logo on the base. Above the logo we find three buttons. The first button allows us to toggle between Normal, Bass and Treble modes or turn on/off the Dolby Headphone mode. The second button is a standard on/off power switch. Finally we find a button that allows us to switch between the Digital Audio In or RCA In sources and also allows us to pair the base station with the headset.

At the back of the stand we find the audio connectors. The Chimaera 5.1 features Digital Audio in and out connectors, stereo 3.5mm in and out connectors and RCA right and left connectors. Rounding off the items on the back of the stand, which has a rubber non slip base, is the power in socket.

Finally, here are the items bundled with the Chimaera 5.1:

Razer ME3 Chimaera leads and power

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