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Razer Mass Effect 3 Gaming Gear Review

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Razer Mass Effect 3 Gaming Gear - BlackWidow Ultimate, Imperator, Onza, Chimaera and Vespula Review

Software Purchase Reserach Papers As is always the case with Razer products we receive some well written documentation but no software CD. Instead we are instructed to visit their website for the latest control panel, firmware and driver. (The Onza/Chimaera do not require a driver)

Razer software install Razer Imperator firmware updater
The driver is installed via a standard Windows installer package and the firmware update runs from its own .exe instructing us not to use a USB hub before flashing. We are not required to unplug the keyboard at the end of the update process but the mouse does suggest this.

Razer BlackWidow configuration Razer BlackWidow profiles

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Razer BlackWidow Macro options

Dissertation Proposal Service Methodology Section With the drivers installed we can launch the configuration software and on the first screen of the BlackWidow control panel we can configure the function for each of the keys on the board. This includes the macro keys, thumb buttons and main board. Profile selection is also available on this page. The second screen is Manage Profiles and unsurprisingly allows us to create, import, export and delete profiles up to a maximum of 20. By right-clicking a profile we can also tie it to an application so that the board switches to that mode when a particular game launches. Custom Admissions Essay Nyu

Razer Imperator configuration Razer Imperator configuration

Razer Imperator configuration Razer Imperator configuration

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Razer Imperator configuration

Custom Essay Writing Service Org The main page of the software enables the user to configure button assignments. All seven buttons and the mouse-wheel can be configured to any function, key or macro using the drop down menus. Clicking the ‘manage macros’ tab enables the user to record or import macros which can be assigned to any of the buttons. The software also allows configuration of the Imperator’s performance. Each of the sensitivity stages is configurable and we have the option to edit X and Y-axis independently at 100DPI increments between 100 and 6400DPI. There are three different polling rates to choose from; 125, 500 and 1000Hz and, when enabled, cursor acceleration can be adjusted using a slider on the performance page. Finally we can adjust the lighting or save profiles to the on-board Razer Synapse Memory.

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