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Starhawk (PS3) Review How To Write A Dissertation Harvard

Starhawk (PS3) Phd Research Proposal Data Mining Starhawk is the follow-up to a PS One title, Warhawk (and its subsequent PS3 remake). In the original game we played part in a war between the Eucadian and Chernovan armies. Now in the follow up we take the role of Emmet Graves a bounty hunter and gunslinger of sorts who has been hired to help protect a planet and its resources from The Scabs, a group of various alien races who have been gathered together by The Outlaw.

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Starhawk begins with a stylish introduction video which sets the scene for this particular gameplay universe. Essentially the universe is filled with mining colonies and battles for the resources are common. As Graves we have been hired to resolve a problem on or home word, somewhere we have not been for some time and can see that our main character with his glowing blue eyes and enhanced body isn’t the average human. Dbq Essay Maker

Product image Product image Essay Ghostwriter In addition to the single player campaign Lightbox have also built a multiplayer mode into Starhawk and it takes the form of standard game modes including deathmatch and capture the flag as well as a co-op. Like the single player campaign though each mode, whether solo or team based, is focused very much on the RTS style aspects as well as third person shooter. It is also worth noting that vehicle (air and land) combat also appears here as we build structures and then grab our devices from there before taking on the enemy in a blue vs. red battle.

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For anyone who has played the big FPS titles of recent years it will be obvious from the moment gameplay begins that Starhawk has a lot in common with RAGE. The setting and even style of graphics are very similar but in this game there are none of the huge issues which plagued RAGE at launch. The draw distance is good, the environment detailed and overall the game looks great. Our cut scenes are also nicely styled and keep us interested as events unfold. If anything the only graphical issue of note is that the in-game menu that Lightbox have implemented feels cluttered and really is counter intuitive.

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User Experience
Due to being given a hover bike style vehicle right from the start of the game we immediately find that this is an open world game where we can take whatever route to the objective that we want. Sure it is possible to follow dirt tracks to get places but it is also far quicker, and a little more entertaining, to try and go near vertical up the side of a small mountain to get across the other side.When on foot and in combat the action is reasonably well paced as each action set piece progresses and we always have something to do. The presence of a group of players does often help as they take out our foes should we be otherwise engaged. This seems to be the number one reason for our team mates being included, it enables us to spend time on the RTS aspects of the game. Someone has to be there to cover us as we build walls, structures and items or the gameplay would be too manic, regardless of how quick it is to build something… and it is quick.

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Starhawk is a fun, entertaining shooter worthy of a play through the campaign. The RTS elements offer a nice twist on the style and multiplayer is strong, something well worth coming back for. Cause And Effect Essays

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