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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones RPG (PC) Review

Game of Thrones (PC)

Help Term Paper Coming just on the heels on the second season finale of the HBO TV series, and based on the very popular ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is a new single player role-playing game served up by Cyanide studios.

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For anyone who has read the books from the series, Game of Thrones being the title of the first one, or watched the excellent HBO show based on the books it will come as no surprise that the Game of Thrones game follows a similar narrative structure, with us bouncing between the two main protagonists in the game as we uncover more of their story.

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Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot

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Game of Thrones tries to walk a different path when it comes to its combat system, not a hack and slash game and not quite simple turn based combat either. Game or Thrones uses a scheduling combat system where we can stack up our next three attacks and utilises a time lapse feature to give up more thinking time to deal with multiple attackers, set up special attacks and to control other non-player characters in our party.

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Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot

Alester can be a Water Dancer, Sellsword or Archer. The Water Dancer is a highly skilled swordsman, using his agility and dexterity to land massive damage after avoiding incoming attacks. The Sellsword is a master assassin, using poisons and preferring to take his enemies from behind. Then we have the Archer, a fighter who prefers using bows or crossbows and keeping his enemies at a distance. Being a Red Priest Alester also has access to the R’Hllor talent, giving him a number of fire based spells and attacks that he can use in a fight.

As our characters advance through the game they will gain experience and skill points that we can allocate to talents in our chosen class, making us a much more powerful fighter. We also find new equipment and weapons that we can use or sell for coin.

Political intrigue is an important part of the books and TV show, and so in the game our choices impact the outcome of certain events. During dialogue scenes we have different responses open to us, and the choices we make directly impact the outcome of the scene. For example if we choose to be merciful we may be seen as wise and just by some, and weak by others.

Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot

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The graphics in Game of Thrones are created using the Unreal Engine 3, which had been around for some time now. We found that the player models looked ok, with some nice detail in some of the equipment and weapons however the general environment looked flat and wasn’t very interactive. The animation on the player models was average and during combat, although there were some nice effects, we didn’t really feel involved or connected to our character through the on screen action.

Additionally we also noticed some glitches in the PC version we played, where we would be having a conversation with a character that would then walk off, only to reappear a second later. Also we seemed to float down stairs, which took us out of the game a little.

The audio used in Game of Thrones is a bit of a mixed bag. We loved the music, some of which was taken directly from the TV show of course and some of the voice acting was good, especially from the known actors from the series. However, some of the voice acting was just awful, especially on the bit part characters we came across.

Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot Game of Thrones (PC) Screenshot

The storyline is strong, and one of the best aspects of the game. However the combat system isn’t intuitive and takes some getting used to. The time lapse technique is interesting, however it would have been better used a tad more sparingly as we found we had to use it almost constantly to keep our character alive.

The graphics and audio are a very mixed bag, some of it is good however a fair amount is only average at best. While we loved the music and some of the detail in the equipment, the character animation and most of the voice acting let the game down.

Ultimately we expect that Game of Thrones will appeal more to fans of the books and TV show than role playing gamers in general. While the game remains very faithful to the source material, which fans will love, its slow pace especially at the beginning may well prove to frustrating for other players.

So, a decent attempt to bring the world of Westeros to life and definitely one for fans to check out however some flaws in delivery take away from the final product.


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