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Razer Blackshark Headset Battlefield 3 Edition Review Custom Writing On Balloons

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Razer Blackshark 2.0 Headset Battlefield 3 Collector's Edition Review

Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset

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Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset front view
Shown above is the 390g Blackshark headset with its black, silver and orange design which stays quite close to the Battlefield colours. The headset is a noise isolating circumaural model and is designed to look like the headset a pilot would use… which makes sense as a Blackshark is an attack helicopter.

Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset right side Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset cup padding

The ear-cups have a high shine plastic finish on the outside and inside we find leatherette pads (memory foam) with orange inserts. These cover 40mm drivers which have neodymium magnets and copper clad aluminium voice coil. Frequency response is 20-20,000Hz with an impedance of 29 Ohms and sound pressure level of 105dB.

Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset boom mic

On the left cup we have a mic design which is rather unique for a gaming headset. Firstly it rotates through 360 degrees. Then at the earcup socket we can slide the poles up and down to extend the length. Next we can bend the mic arm at the middle bolt and again at the right of our poles before it ends in a foam covered unidirectional part. In terms of specification the mic present on this headset has 50-16,000Hz frequency response with sensitivity of -37dB and signal to noise ratio of 50dB. As an added touch it can also be completely removed to make the headset more suited to use outdoors.

Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset extendable Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset headband

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Presentation This headband style headset can be extended by increasing the length of either side by a simple pull. Where as most headsets use sliders with notches the Blackshark offers smooth sliding and at the top of the headset is a padded band.

Razer Blackshark BF3 Headset cables

Paper Writer Services Connecting the Blackshark to our audio device is a 1.3m long cable which is orange and rubber sheathed. This then (if required) plugs into a 1m splitter cable that offers separate 3.5mm mic and headset connectors. Worth noting is that with the standard cable (orange) our mic is compatible with iDevices, Android Phones, MacBook’s and Ultrabooks (to name a few devices).

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