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Sorcery (PlayStation Move) Review

Sorcery (PlayStation Move)

http://www.arch.pw.edu.pl/?how-to-compose-a-bibliography How To Compose A Bibliography We all know the story, boy becomes apprentice, apprentice is set tasks, apprentice goes to boardroom, gets fired… sorry, wrong media. Boy becomes apprentice, befriends a talking cat, gets too big for his boots, steals a magic wand, chaos ensues… that’s the starting point for Sony’s latest Move release which see’s us dance around our living room, move controller in hand, casting spells and generally trying to save the world.

Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot

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We start Sorcery as a pretty powerless apprentice though one who clearly doesn’t like to stick to rules. Our PS3 controller, or Move Navigation controller allows us to navigate the game world in a 3rd person perspective and X is primarily used to interact (Climb, drop, dodge, etc). Through a little exploring we find our magic wand and in the process the game introduces a number of Move motion related controls in quick succession. We can push forward to insert keys, twist to turn, shake to activate potions and turn upside down to drink.

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Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot

Breaking up the action elements we have exploring tasks where we must gather items and coins by breaking open crates, barrels, skulls and the like to boost our inventory. As the game progresses we can then combine items to create boost potions and buy/sell items as required. We can also create temporary spells through this method and gain additional bound spells as we progress, making us more powerful as the game continues.

Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot

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Sorcery uses the Unreal Engine and so before it even begins the potential is there to impress and overall the developers have done a decent job visually. There is plenty of view distance with minimal popup and the almost cartoony graphics ease the workload to keep framerates smooth most of the time. Items of interest and our foes are easy to see within the environment and helpful hints are always present, whether they be via on screen text or the wisps that inhabit the game world, leading us to important areas.

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Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot

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When motion controllers were first introduced by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony there were a few game subjects which seemed well suited to the control method. Star Wars play would be one, party/dance games another and right up there with them on the list would be magic. Until now though the magic side of things has been very much under-represented on all three platforms which seems odd but Sorcery resolves that and does so reasonably well.

Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot Sorcery (PS3) Screenshot

There are a few niggling issues which take the shine off the game a little though. Some of the scripting can be a little repetitive, or not match the gameplay exactly. In other areas events which unlock the next section of gameplay sometimes don’t fire until we pass over a point exactly which causes backtracking. There are few things more annoying in modern games than the illusion of free world roaming being interrupted because the game didn’t register our progress correctly and "unlock" the next area. Additionally, the controls are occasionally contradictory. We can for example drop down from some edges, but not others.

Interestingly the world of Sorcery has a real old school feel to it, constantly reminding us of games from a number of years ago… the likes of old Amiga point and click adventures or maybe it’s because or main hero wears a green hooded cloak at some points? Whatever the case this is clearly a game designed by developers who are not afraid to use inspiration from classic games in creating their own charming magical world.

On the whole a nice variation of spells, moves and unlocks as we progress keeps things fresh, something which elevates the game past the initial random wand waving against on running foes. An enjoyable Move title with a decent enough story which, if it was Harry Potter branded, would probably be the most enjoyable game in that franchise.


Sorcery is available with the complete Move bundle for £57.99 at http://www.econ.unideb.hu/?write-an-essay-about-the-friendship Write An Essay About The Friendship Amazon.co.uk

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