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Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review Write Essay Youtube

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Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review

Archos 101 XS Android Tablet (Gen 10) Review

As tablets have become more and more popular a significant number of users have looked to use them as more than just content consumption devices. Certainly the majority of people like to surf, listen, read, watch or play on their device but many now look to use them to work on email and even use office files on their tablet. For the most part the ability to be productive has been limited with two real exceptions, the Transformer Pad range with its keyboard dock and more recently the Galaxy Note 10.1. Phd Thesis Opponent

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Archos 101 XS box Archos 101 XS protection

Archos package their 101 XS in a box which gives us plenty of information on the tablet along with a nice clear image of the device. Inside one key item is bundled in a separate box, more on that shortly, with the tablet in another suspended in foam and wrapped in a bag for added protection.

Archos 101 XS bundle Customer Service Literature Review In a separate compartment beside the tablet we find the product documentation and our bundled extras. These consist of a USB data/charge cable and a charger with micro-USB plug.

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