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    AMD A10-5800K APU (Virgo) Performance Review

    Conclusion Academic Paper Writer Starting with the A10 APU we have a product which has the standard, high level of AMD build quality. It is also a processor which is designed to offer an attractive mix of performance and features. While not always a match for the Intel equivalent in productivity tasks the A10 does always compete well and in day to day use it would be hard to tell the two apart. That said a gap does begin to open when we begin taking advantage of our Radeon cores. With our Radeon cores assisting the A10 has the potential, seen in application such as MediaExpresso, to pull ahead of the i3 chip.

    When we then look at gaming performance there is no comparison between the i3 and A10. AMD’s chip is in a different league to the comparable Intel model. More than that though, the 7000 series cores in the A10-5800K offer performance which exceeds the fastest Ivy Bridge processor with built in GPU. Order Custom Business Plan Custom Dissertation Writing Service And Dissertation Persuasive Essay About Drugs Essay On Adoption The AMD A10/A85X platform provides us with a nice mix of price, performance and features which allow users to build a low cost, quality system now and upgrade it with ease later.

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