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ASUS Republic of Gamers Vulcan Pro Headset Review

ASUS Republic of Gamers Vulcan Pro Gaming Headset

http://korma.hram.by/?the-glass-castle-essay The Glass Castle Essay ASUS are perhaps better known for their PC’s or tablet devices, such as the excellent Transformer Pad’s, however they also have a range of gaming peripheral devices which are released under their Republic of Gamers brand. Today we’ll be taking a look at a new gaming headset from ASUS, the Vulcan Pro.

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ASUS Vulcan Pro box ASUS Vulcan Pro box

Duke Universtiy Masters Thesis The Vulcan Pro is supplied in a mid-sized cardboard box which features a large picture of the headset on the front and is finished in a dark red colour. It heavily promotes the active noise cancelling feature of the Vulcan Pro along with some of the other key features.

ASUS Vulcan Pro box ASUS Vulcan Pro box

Each end of the box repeats the key features of the Vulcan Pro, with the left hand side providing this information in multiple languages.

ASUS Vulcan Pro box

The front of the Vulcan Pro box has a flip lid. When we open this we find a clear plastic section which shows us the rigid touring case in which the headset is stored. Then on the inside of the flip cover there is an artistic drawing of the headset.

ASUS Vulcan Pro bundle

Resume Writing Services For It Professionals Provided along with the headset is a warranty booklet and a quick start guide. The quick start guide covers the basic set up and use of the headset, including how to install the battery that is needed for the active noise cancellation.

ASUS Vulcan Pro travel case ASUS Vulcan Pro travel case open

The Vulcan Pro is supplied is a sturdy touring case. On the front of the case is the Republic of Gamers logo and upon opening up the case we find all the components included with the headset neatly stored away. The headset itself folds up to fit snuggly into one half of the case, with the other components such as the detachable microphone all stored in the other half.