Friday | September 30, 2016
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FIFA 13 (PlayStation 3) Review

FIFA 13 (PlayStation 3) Distal Radius Fracture Thesis As summer turns to autumn we expect certain perennial events to occur. Leaves will start to turn and fall off the trees, the chill in the air gets a bit crisper and as the nights draw in we all get to sit down in front of our TV and enjoy this year’s version of the FIFA football franchise from EA. Critical Review Of Dissertation

FIFA 13 screenshot

FIFA 13 is a multi-platform title, available on the Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows as well a mobile platforms like the Nintendo 3DS or iOS. For this review we will be taking a look at the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

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FIFA 13 screenshot Dissertation Proposal Gantt Chart Gameplay
Every year Electronic Arts strive to make FIFA more authentic or more fun to play with new gameplay enhancements. This year EA have added features like 1st touch control, improved attacking intelligence and complete dribbling. 10 Best Resume Writing Service Healthcare

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FIFA 13 screenshot Power Buy Homework Pattaya In FIFA 13, EA have completely revamped the attacking intelligence of players in the final third of the game. With the introduction of tactical defending in FIFA 12 defenders were no longer diving in on attacking players and we had much more time on the ball, however the rest of our team wasn’t taking advantage of that to make the most of our position.

FIFA 13 also brings us complete dribbling. Inspired by perhaps the best player in the world over the past couple of years, Lionel Messi, complete dribbling offers us ultimate control over the ball in one on one opportunity. We have the capability to face up on an opponent and then turn, dodge or skip away from any incoming tackle.

Aside from these key gameplay improvements FIFA 13 has also updated a number of the in game modes from last year’s version. Career mode has been updated to include being able to play in international matches. EA Sports Football Club syncs our experience up with real world events, either news about our favourite team or the ability to replay this weekend’s matches, in case we didn’t like the outcome in real life.

Experience and points can be earned from playing FIFA 13, which can then be spent in the new Football Club catalogue. Fun items like historic strips from our clubs or stats boost can all be purchased from the new catalogue.

FIFA 13 screenshot

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This year’s FIFA hasn’t made any huge graphical leaps on FIFA 12, however that isn’t a bad thing. The graphics in FIFA 12 were excellent, both in game and in the menu interface and FIFA 13 sticks with the same model from last year.

EA have added new player celebration animations from last year and other contextual animations have been included as well. Our players will react to challenges in a more realistic way, which helps add to the overall realism that EA are striving for.

The menu interface and pre-game animations are little changed from FIFA 12, however we loved those from last year, especially the great TV style introductions to our matches.

FIFA 13 screenshot

As with FIFA 12, FIFA 13 offers us two commentary teams, and they are unchanged from last year. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, the primary Sky Sports commentating team are included as are ITVs commentary team of Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend. In addition this year we’ll also be getting touchline injury reports from Geoff Shreeves.

Like previous FIFA games FIFA 13 offers us a multitude of music tracks to listen to while we navigate the in game menus. FIFA 13 offers us 51 tracks from established and new artists, covering a wide range of tastes.

FIFA 13 screenshot Best Essay Writers Ever Summary
FIFA 13 is a strong addition to the franchise from EA. While not a quantum leap from last year’s FIFA 12 this year’s version refines the experience with a deft touch. FIFA 13 feels more realistic and more unpredictable. The addition of the 1st touch control mechanic has made the game feel more like a real game of football, at time frustrating when we don’t control the ball as we’d like and then massively satisfying when we are able to take out a defender just by the way we receive the ball.

On top of the new gameplay mechanics EA have added new features and made even more of an effort to tie the game into real life football events. Any fans of sport will find it hard to argue with the effort that EA have made in FIFA 13 to make it as current as possible.

FIFA 13 plays more like a real life game of football than ever before while adding a number of new features from last year’s effort.


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