Thursday | September 29, 2016
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NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router (DGND4000) Review

NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router (DGND4000) Review

NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router Premium Edition Review

User Experience and Conclusion Writing Service Agreement Although NETGEAR’s latest generation of routers featuring Wireless-ac such as the R6300 we reviewed earlier this month feature an all new design, the N750 utilises a tried and tested setup, the added bronze band is a nice touch to highlight its ‘Premium Edition’ status.

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Looking to value, the N750 is right up there at the high end of the price bracket. As people demand more and more from their home internet connections it is clear that without quality hardware operating your network you simply won’t achieve the full potential of your line. Don’t expect ISP issued equipment to offer anything near the performance or feature set available from the N750. The simultaneous dual-band means you are future proofing and NETGEAR’s warranty adds value to the purchase. How To Get My Homework Done For Pay A tried and tested design with mature software means the N750 has a solid design and great feature set. Since initial setup the router has operated consistently requiring no reboots which is key in this day and age. A strong mid-range product that offers solid Wi-Fi performance.

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  1. Artemas

    sometime chrashes, i must reboot
    dinamic dns don’t support or customized service provider
    it can’t redirect an external port to a different internal port
    there isn’t a wifi power control output in the menù
    there isn’t a SNR adjustments into the menu.

    i hope that a new firmware release fix this problem. !

  2. dave

    Not as good as I expected 🙁 I bought the DGND4000 to replace a BT HomeHub5 due to contantly experiencing wifi drops with the HH5. Plugged in the netgear with hi hopes it was way better and although its great, one major function it lacks is the ability to cut the internet for individual devices at set times, with the HH5 I could set the net to go off for my kids devices at 20:30 so they would then go to sleep but the DGND4000 does not support this 🙁 Very Disappointing.

    • Pierre

      I use Norton family safety. It can do this, and its free. Install the agent and control their usage, and log them off at set times

  3. Pierre

    Specs look good, but the stability is terrible. Crashes all the time. Avoid.

  4. Gary

    I’ve found it to be VERY reliable. Been running it for over a year almost non-stop and hasn’t missed a beat. Performance is pretty good too.

  5. robert

    Had 2 of these, worked with Netgear to try and resolve – upgrade firmware to latest asap, but still drops the signal say typically 6 times in 48 hours. I was using both wireless bands and wired. What would happen, more often than not, is that both wireless networks would fail, but IPCONFIG showed as working. If I then went into the Netgear GUI via wired, the wired connection would then fail too,

    Under instruction from Netgear I ran with 5GHZ turned off, and the thing was stable for 96 hours. Netgear offered me a beta firmware under a very one sided contract. Bearing in mind the amount of time I had wasted, I was not prepared to do it. Clearly Netgear have known about this problem for over a year – so how can one have any confidence, otherwise they surely would have released a proper firmware upgrade?