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Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy Note II Android Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

How big is too big? When does a phone become a tablet? Are you @#%! kidding? Just some of the questions the Galaxy Note prompted when it was announced last year. With a screen size of over 5 inches it was significantly larger than the competition, most of which used 4.x inch form factors.

When people actually got to use the device it was a different story. Sceptical journalists and consumers found that the larger size was more than useable and in fact it very much increased productivity for those who work on the move. Not only that the stylus was actually pretty decent too, making for tool that had many uses. Our own experience, using it on our trip to Cebit for example, was essentially all positive and we did note at least one PR rep commenting on "ah, another of those Notes"… clearly that show was full of early adopters.

Since the launch of the Galaxy Note Samsung have been busy refreshing the Galaxy S range and bringing the brand to the tablet market with the Note 10.1. This left the original note with its dual core CPU and 1GB of memory in a midrange position but that changes this week with availability of the Galaxy Note 2. Containing 2GB of memory and one of the fastest quad core CPUs around… along with an even bigger screen today we have a Note 2 on our test bench to find out whether Samsung have come down on the right side of the size line.

Packaging and Bundle

Samsung Galaxy Note II box Samsung Galaxy Note II protection

Samsung package their Galaxy Note 2 in a sturdy cardboard box which lifts open to reveal the phone, suspended inside and protected by screen and back covers. The front cover usefully details some of the key product features and specifications for the user; reasonably standard for a Samsung device.

Samsung Galaxy Note II bundle

In a separate compartment below the Note 2 we find the product documentation and our bundled extras. These consist of a USB data/charge cable, earphones and a charger with USB socket.

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