Monday | September 26, 2016
OCZ Vector SSD Review Auckland University Masters Thesis Write Essay My Favourite Sportsman

OCZ Vector SSD Review


It is clear that with the Vector series of SSDs that OCZ are keen to remove any doubt from consumers minds about solid state technology. In a world where the internet is filled with posts about drives being unstable, failing or just not being as reliable as mechanical models it is clear why OCZ find this approach important. So while it is good to hear about extended beta phases, longer firmware testing times and factory burn in tests it is promising that OCZ back this up with a 5-year warranty showing their confidence in the technology. We also noted an improved level of casing quality on the Vector as a nice extra touch, certainly a step up from the past few drives we have tested from OCZ. Looking inside the internal quality is good too with branded parts and no noticeable defects on the manufacturing side.

For performance the Vector 256GB looks to improve on the Vertex 4 and it does so across our tests. Whether that is through maxing out in raw speed or reducing real world file transfer times the drive shows noticeable improvements over OCZ last generation. In addition to this the Vector uses less power at idle and load than the Vertex 4 drives. Comparing the Vector to the current market leader, the 840 Pro drive from Samsung we see that the two drives trade blows as the first and second placed drives in almost every test while pretty much always being very close in performance. Really the key result for us was the real world file transfers which favoured OCZ and would push us towards the Vector for our own purchases. Essay On Drunk Driving

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