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Saturday | May 28, 2016
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OCZ Vector SSD Review

OCZ Vector SSD Review

1. Introduction3. Test System and Methodology

OCZ Vector SSD Review

The OCZ Vector SSD

OCZ Vector SSD box OCZ Vector SSD bundle
The OCZ Vector SSD has a top surface that features a design very similar to the box. Flipping the 7mm thick drive over reveals a metal base with information sticker on the centre. This notes CE and FCC approval and beside it we can see the SATA 3 power and data connectors.

OCZ Vector SSD box

Inside the Vector we have a green PCB and on one side we find eight 25nm MLC NAND Flash chips which are branded by OCZ with the part number M2502128T048SX22. A further eight are on the opposite side of the PCB and on both surfaces we also find Micron branded DDR3 cache chips.

OCZ Diagram

In the centre of the PCB we find the Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller with a pad applied, sandwiched between the chip and metal casing. Inside the controller are two processors, one an ARM Cortex and the other OCZ Aragon with the product supporting ONFI and Toggle parts across eight channels. OCZ will initially offer 128, 256 and 512GB parts which all support TRIM. The Vector also features advanced flash management designed to allow 20GB of host writes per day for 5 years with efficient garbage collection, low write amplification and advanced multi-level ECC.

OCZ rate the Vector for up to 550MB/s sequential read, 530MB/s sequential write with 100,000IOPS read/ 95,000IOPS write (maximum) and the warranty OCZ offer is 5-years. This is longer than most competitors however OCZ do offer a roubust validation cycle with factory burn-in procedure to give confidence that the drive is fault free before shipping. OCZ also note that firmware for Barefoot 3 will have longer validation cycles than previous drives too.

OCZ Vector SSD box

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