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Wednesday | May 25, 2016
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Schenker XMG P722 Gaming Laptop Review

Schenker XMG P722 Gaming Laptop Review

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Schenker XMG P722 Gaming Laptop Review


Based on a Clevo base design the Schenker XMG P722 is a system which is being released into a reasonably crowded marketplace which includes systems from brands like Alienware and MSI. This means it needs to offer a level of quality which can compete, regardless of the pricing and overall the goal has been achieved. Nice little touches like soft touch coating, brushed metal effect surrounds and the like help to elevate the system to a reasonable level. That said we would have liked to see the soft touch coating used across the base too. As another tweak the silver vent surrounds are probably a little cheap looking also and could have been black to blend in.

In terms of components used the system is hard to fault, from the high spec Intel CPU to dual NVIDIA GPUs and everything in-between. We were also very pleased to see the use of Killer wireless tech, X-Fi sound, SSD and hybrid drive, backlit keyboard and quality branded memory… all items which will please the enthusiast gamer and to be fair all much more important than the finish used on the base/vents.

For value the system starts at £1130 incuding GTX 670M SLI, i7 CPU and 4GB of memory, scaling up price wise with the components chosen. We also received note that dual Radeon 7970 mobile parts will be available on this model soon too.

As far as performance goes the system scores well across the board, the screen for example with its matte finish preferable to high gloss (reflective) alternatives, the clarity also impressive. An above average sound system is also present and power/thermal readings as well as noise levels were also good for the system class. Platform tests were also good, the system scoring well on CPU, SATA, USB and memory tests (though we would have liked to see 1866Mhz modules installed). Where the P722 really excels though is in gaming tests. It was great to see the latest Need for Speed and Borderlands 2 run at their maximum detail levels. The real highlight was the system’s ability to play Crysis 3 at High settings which looked fantastic. Here is a reminder of how good it looks on the P722.

Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot

A very impressive system from Schenker Notebooks. A great selection of quality components combine to offer great performance, exceeding expectations in gaming… and allowing us to play upcoming titles such as Crysis 3 with high detail.

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