Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset Review

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Sennheiser U320 Multi-Platform Gaming Headet Review

User Experience and Conclusion

For testing the U320 we tried the headset primarily on our PC via the USB connection however we also tried the headset on our PlayStation 3. In both cases we found the headset provided excellent sound reproduction with great depth and clarity. While watching movies with the U320 the bass boost button really added to the kick of the action sequences and playing games while wearing the U320 was an excellent experience. The clarity of the soundscape generated by the headset is impressive. Additionally the CircleFlex technology works really well, the headset felt really comfortable during our play testing. It fit very well and the padded cushions of the headset made the experience of wearing the U320 a joy.

As with other models in the Sennheiser range we love the mute function on the microphone, which works by twisting the boom up or down to enable or disable it. This works much easier than hunting about for a switch or button on the cable or in-line control and the microphone features noise cancelling clarity, ensuring that our voice was clearly heard over Ventrilo.

At around £100 or $170 dollars and a 2 year warranty the U320 is well priced for a multi format gaming headset. The build quality on the headset is impressive with a high quality finish on all the components supplied with the package.

A high quality multi format headset the U320 provides impressive performance and a superb build quality.

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OverClockers – £110.99

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