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Monday | May 30, 2016
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Sony Xperia Miro Android Smartphone Review

Sony Xperia Miro Android Smartphone Review

3. Setup and OS5. Conclusion

Sony Xperia Miro Android Smartphone Review

User Experience

Android Software Android Software Android Software Android Software
Sony currently run Android 4.0.4 on the Xperia Miro, continuing the trend of keeping the software identical to the more expensive models. As we mentioned before the OS is heavily skinned by Sony though most of the changes are cosmetic when compared to stock Android.

We have access to 2GB of "internal storage" with 750MB of space partitioned off specifically for apps. We can of course expand this with a microSD card, up to 32GB and Update Centre assists us in managing updates to the device.

Xperia miro camera example Xperia miro camera example
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Overall the camera is responsive and the 5MP sensor gives decent images which are a step above most low end phones. We also get a nice selection of options which allow us to tweak the images to our situation and basic video recording is available too.


For those who opt for a Vodafone handset we were also pleased to see that they take a sensible approach to applications. Nothing is intrusive to our experience and Vodafone apps tend to be useful, for example giving us travel info or account details and the location of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.

In terms of the overall feel of the OS movement around the OS on a freshly unboxed handset is responsive with minimal lag. Applications launch in a decent amount of time and all of the functionality we would expect of Android can be found here. Finally we have battery life which more than acceptable for a lower cost handset, standby use shows minimal drain and we were able to make it through a day of reasonably heavy use with no issues.

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