Thursday | August 25, 2016
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Corsair AX860 Power Supply Review Professional Executive Resume Writing Services

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Corsair AX860 Power Supply Review

Corsair AX860 Power Supply Review

Acknowledgement In Dissertation Last month we reviewed one of Corsairs new PSUs, Five Paragraph Essay Powerpoint the AX860i, which took a unique approach to power supply design. It wasn’t that it offered something new in terms of wiring, or significant changes in the internal (or external) design. Rather it added to an already solid base product additional features which allowed us to monitor and tweak the PSU from within Windows. For enthusiasts this is a great feature (and more than a little cool) however there are some of us who just want a unit which offers excellent performance and features with no extras. For those users Corsair recently refreshed their AX range of PSUs introducing the AX860, a Platinum certified unit and that is the focus of our review today.

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Corsair AX860 box Corsair AX860 box protection

There are no surprises with the packaging used here, Corsair stick with their standard styling for the box design on this model, giving us plenty of feature and technical information on the various sides while going for a red colour scheme. Inside the PSU is protected by a second box, surrounded by foam and then contained in a bag. The various cables, ties, screws etc are held in a separate pouch and a short manual for the PSU range is provided along with a mains cable. College Admissions Resume Cover Letter
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