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Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 32GB Memory Kit Review University Of California Application Essay Online

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Kingston HyperX Beast Memory DDR3-2400 32GB Kit Review


Fedex Term Paper Yale As a final test we decided to look at what the highest MHz rating was that we could achieve on the standard timings. To test this we moved to the Maximus V Formula, a more flexible board when it comes to memory overclocking and paired the sticks with the 3770K CPU (all other components remained the same). On that build the highest speed at stock timings was 2666MHz. We were also then able to achieve 2800MHz achieved by tweaking the voltage up to 1.75v with timings of 11-15-15-33-2T.

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Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 Dissertation Extradition Johnston Torture @ 11-14-12-34-2T 2666MHz @ 11-14-14-33-2T 1.65v
2800MHz @ 11-15-15-33-2T 1.75v Personal Statement For Phd
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