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Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 32GB Memory Kit Review http://planetside.co.uk/?expert-essay-help Expert Essay Help

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Kingston HyperX Beast Memory DDR3-2400 32GB Kit Review


http://besiktaskultursanat.com/?college-essay-paper-help College Essay Paper Help Looking first to the design and build quality of the Kingston HyperX Beast modules we have a set of sticks which impress. They ran flawlessly throughout our testing, even when pushed past the rated speeds, thanks to quality components and the heatsinks feel solid and are attached well. They also look decent with the large black contoured surface but some black PCB might have been nice to see rather than green and we do note that there are sticks with LEDs wich might suit case mod enthusiasts a little better.

In terms of performance there is little to fault about the Beast modules. They hit the advertised 2400MHz with ease… and it is real ease thanks to the XMP profiles… with flawless results throughout our testing. Kingston have also balanced the timings/MHz well so as to give us enhanced results over 2133MHz sticks with tighter timings. The fact that these are 8GB modules also gives us some added flexibility when it comes to applications which are very memory intensive too.

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