Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 Review

Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 Review Writing Phd Thesis Engineering

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Review

User Experience and Conclusion

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For anyone new to Windows Phone the Lumia 920 will offer quite a change from either their older handset or the experience offered by Android and iOS. In our opinion it is a hugely positive experience and the OS is intuitive and slick. For those who have been using Windows Phone 7.5 the experience is very similar with the small changes to the home screen activity and tile layout being the most obvious change/improvement.

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In day to day use the Lumia 920 whizzes through the OS with no lag and games play without issue, as do high definition videos. We were also pleased with the image quality from the back camera which is more than acceptable for a high end device, though the video recording does take a while to adjust to changes in light levels on the current firmware.

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Home Work To Do Finally we turn to apps, always something which was an issue with the last generation of Windows Phone whether that be the lack of developed software or decisions like locking down the keyboard so we can’t use alternatives like the excellent Swype. That is still the case here, the keyboard is locked down and there are fewer apps than Android/iOS however we note a huge improvement over the last 12 months and expect this to continue. We also note that a big part of this is down to Nokia and Microsoft pushing through some great apps of their own such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Creative Studio and of course Office.

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