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Wednesday | June 1, 2016
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PNY XLR8 Pro SSD Review

PNY XLR8 Pro SSD Review

3. Test System and Methodology5. CrystalDiskmark

PNY XLR8 Pro SSD Review

Maximum Read/Write

Benchmark Results

ATTO disk benchmark allows us to run a synthetic test on the various drives which are being reviewed today, letting us see the peak speed achieved on each model.

As a quick reminder, the controllers in each are as follows (latest gen unless stated)…

Force GS: Sandforce
Neutron: Link-A
Intel 520: Sandforce
Samsung: Samsung
Vertex 4: Last Gen Marvell (with Indilinx Firmware)
Vector: Indilinx
Plextor: Marvell

For this test we see some initial raw speed figures for each drive and the PNY model scores particularly well. It, like the other models, is right up at the read limit for our test system but on writes we see a spread where the XLR8 pulls ahead of competitor models such as the Samsung 840 Pro and OCZ Vector.

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