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Wednesday | June 1, 2016
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ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review

ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review

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ZOTAC ZBOX ID83 Plus Mini-PC Review


Starting with the build quality of the ZBOX AD83 Plus we have a system which feels nice and solid. The high shine surfaces used on the top and bottom fit well and whether we have the unit horizontal on our desk, vertical in the stand or mounted on the bracket it feels sturdy. The PSU is a decent brand and rated appropriately for the system and inside we have some quality memory from Samsung and of course an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU which is always good to see. We would have liked ZOTAC to provide dual band wireless-N as a nice to have but the main issue in terms of specification is the use of a low spec 5400RPM drive… ZOTAC are not alone in this and we wish they and others would go for at least a 7200RPM version, if not a cache drive.

Moving to design the system also scores well as it looks pleasing in most environments and we have a good selection of ports which include USB 3.0 and HDMI. The flexibility of mount, stand and desktop use is appreciated and surprisingly the brightly lit circle on the lid isn’t too distracting.

In terms of performance the USB and CPU speeds are impressive for the systems size and the memory bandwidth is also decent, though we would have loved ZOTAC to go with a dual channel design. The Wi-Fi performance is acceptable, gaming not too bad for an integrated GPU but the low spec drive tends to hold up the system more than anything else.

So that brings us to value where the system retails at £362, a decent price given the thorough bundle and good specification. As mentioned above a higher spec drive and faster Wi-Fi would have been appreciated though.

Another mini-PC which gets held back a bit by the bad choice of hard drive. Not quite the entry level gaming machine Sapphires Edge is but for media use and productivity the ZBOX AD83 Plus performs very well.

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