COMPRO all-new TN50W Home Network Camera with exclusive C4Home Cloud App Service

Compro Technology, a leading video technology developed company, today with honor to announce TN50W, a cloud base name card size cube type IP Camera. TN50W adopts advanced plug-n-play(P2P) technology, turns IP camera setup as easy as skype, you can use iphone/Android app, WPS, or web-based iWizard to build the camera connection within only two minutes. 

TN50W designs QR-code scan for easy install and add camera like a 1-2-3 steps within one minute.  Thanks to intelligent graphic user interface, and many user friendly features like H.264, to reduce the recording storage; Push Notification, to automatic sending alert with snapshot while emergency; 10x digital zoom, allow user freely to enlarge the image to check detailed; MicroSD card storage, support for emergency evidence recording; Dual video stream, to keep live video and remote access video separate to reduce the bandwidth transmission cost; Built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor and white illumination LED, to detect intruder’s movement even in pitch darkness and also threat the intruder at the same time; with Compro 802.11 b/g/n wireless adaptor, allow you can enjoy all of it in an wireless environment. 

Besides, TN50W IP camera is powered by C4Home cloud service – an intelligent security cloud platform for home and business owner, it means Care for Home, which offers all the cares with convenience, comfort, connect and control, aim to create a new lifestyle via smart mobile device. User can login to the web interface to watch and control your cameras. Or you can free download and install the C4Home app to your iPhone/iPad and Android phone/tablet. With C4Home app, you can watch the live video of your network camera on hand, snapshot and 2-way audio communication from your smartphone and camera’s microphone/speaker in anytime, receive text and other alerts if something is awry in the presences.  For the web interface and Android phone/tablet, C4Home also provide 4 cameras live monitoring at the same time.

 You definitely cannot find any others which with these powerful features design but in such compact size and affordable price.  TN50W, it is your best choice for you to protect your baby, family, elder, shop, restaurant safety on your hand, anywhere and anytime.

TN50W product introduction: Here.
For more information about C4Home cloud service, please visit: C4Home.

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