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Fractal Design Node 304 Case Review

Fractal Design Node 304 Case Review

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Fractal Design Node 304 Mini-ITX Case Review

Professional Writing Msu Conclusion Essay Editing Company Looking at the outside of the Node 304 first we have a case which is built to Fractal Design’s usual high standards. The brushed metal front panel which is almost blank looks great and should blend into home theatre environments with ease… or look great sitting on a desk. The main chassis is also nice and sturdy and we noted no quality issues with the soldering or assembly. On a build quality front we did note some marks on the white drive cages which was a slight disappointment and something we would have put down to a one off if it was not also mentioned in some customer reviews online.

In terms of design we loved the decision to offer plenty of airflow through the case, each intake being filtered and Fractal Design have done well to include three low noise fans as standard. We would have moved the fan controller switch so that it doesn’t interfere with larger screwdrivers when securing add in cards… and the clamp to secure those doesn’t seem particularly useful for a case like this.

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