Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX Titan Graphics Card Review

ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX Titan Graphics Card Review

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Power, Temperatures, Noise and Overclocking Write My Reviews

  Idle K A Kreutzer Phd Dissertation Power Load Power Idle Temp Load Customer Service Essay Conclusion Temp Load Noise
NVIDIA GTX Titan 204w 461w 34°C 81°C 44db
NVIDIA GTX 690 213w 543w 33°C 80°C 52db
NVIDIA GTX 680 2GB 191w 386w 33°C 76°C 48db
AMD HD 7970 OC CrossFire 198w 621w 40°C 71°C 56db
AMD HD 7970 OC 188w 383w 36°C 62°C 47db Dissertation Services Uk Online

Overclocking the GTX Titan is a simple process; we open PrecisionX (or any compatible tool) and through moving a few sliders can increase the performance of the card.

Overclock Settings Overclock Settings

  Max OC (Core/Memory)
NVIDIA GTX Titan +174MHz GPU, +125MHz Memory
(106% Power, 94°C Temp Limit, 1.2V)

  Power/3DMark Stock Power/3DMark Overclock
NVIDIA GTX Titan 461w/4609 531w/5192 (45.5db) Help On Writing Essays

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