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Wednesday | May 25, 2016
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SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 256GB Review

SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 256GB Review

On First Page2. The Drive

SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 256GB Review

Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD Review (256GB SDSSDHP-256G)

More than most components SSDs have created a component area where various manufacturers overlap. Since their introduction we have seen memory manufacturers take a stab, manufacturers of traditional mechanical drives too and then there are of couse those who have branched out into a completely new area to produce SSDs. The area which probably feels most suited to evolving into SSDs is memory cards though and so it has been no surpise to see a number of card manufacturers dabble in drives.

SanDisk however have for some time now been committed to producing a range of SSDs which covers various price and performance points. One of their latest products is the Ultra Plus SSD, marketed as having "fast data speeds, lower latency times, and reduced power consumption" They say it is ideal for read-intensive applications like photo and video editing as well as general tasks such as reducing start-up time. Today we have the 256GB version of the Ultra Plus connected to our test system and will find out how it compares to numerous alternative models.

Packaging and Bundle

SanDisk Ultra Plus box SanDisk Ultra Plus bundle

SanDisk package their SSD in a compact cardboard box which shows the SSD while noting key product details. As a nod to their other business the capacity is noted within the outline of an SD card shape. Inside the box, as well as the SSD, we find product documentation and a cover which extends the thickness of the drive for those whose bay doesn’t support the 7.0mm thickness.

NOTE: This is the notebook version of this drive, the desktop version doesn’t require the spacer and has a SATA cable and 3.5" bracket included.


Available as a free download from the SanDisk website we also get their SSD Toolkit which gives us information on the drive status as well as the ability to update its firmware. We can also purchase their conversion kit which allows us to move our existing OS to the new SSD without an install.

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