Monday | September 26, 2016
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Google Now comes to iOS

Google Now comes to iOS

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Google Now remains a uniquely compelling experience that only Google is gathering and parsing enough data to replicate. There’s simply nothing that compares on iOS yet, including Siri. A lot of this power lies in Now’s predictive nature.

The iOS version of Now uses WiFi location only, not GPS, this will conserve battery by recognizing entrance and exits from locations of importance. This lets Now keep track of things like the route that you have to travel on your way to work in the morning, letting you know when the best time to leave would be to get there with current traffic conditions in play.

No push notifications (yet)

Unfortunately, at the moment, Now does not utilize push notifications on iOS at all. This means that you’re going to need to visit the Google Now app in order to get those predictive notices. Gultekin says that this is something that they’re investigating, but that they want to do it right without bombarding users with notices.

In reality, Google Now is just another permutation of Google’s expertise with search. But now, instead of waiting for you to issue a query, it’s predicting what information you need to know and when. It’s one of those things that really couldn’t have been done without this host of signals that Google has to tap into. It’s a product created out of the coalescing of smartphone and Internet connection ubiquity and large cloud stores of information that say a lot about us and our lives.

That may be daunting or even frightening to some, but the truth is that the amount of data being gathered on all of us via purchasing, email, calendar applications and information systems around the world is growing by the day. That’s going to happen whether we like it or not for the most part, and Google Now is one of the products actively looking to hook all of those together to create a powerful tool that we can use to make our lives easier.

I’ve been using Google Now for about a year on various Android devices, and I’m consistently delighted and impressed with it. In fact, it’s powerful enough for it to have become my main reason for keeping an Android device on my person. Now, it’s on iOS and in my pocket regardless of what device I’m on. Which is pretty much what Google is up to with all of its services, and I’m fine with that.

For now, the Android version of Now features enough cool conveniences for me to wait and see, but if Google ramps up this version to keep it in parity with Android then iOS users are in for a treat.

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