Toshiba Solid State Drive THNSNH256GCST 256GB Review

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Toshiba Ultra Slim Solid State Drive (THNSNH256GCST) Review

Toshiba THNSNH256GCST SSD Review (256GB) Review

It would be fair to say that there are a number of key manufacturers who immediately spring to mind when thinking about SSDs. The likes of OCZ have re-invented themselves to focus on those components in recent times and with Crucial it made sense for them to expand into these drives… as it did with Samsung. There are however a wide range of manufacturers who offer solid state storage and each is fighting hard for a share of an ever growing market… including Toshiba.

Today we have one of Toshiba’s latest solid state drives for review, the THNSNH256GCST, which is ideal for desktops and portable systems thanks to its compact 7mm casing.

The Drive – External

Toshiba SSD Toshiba SSD
Toshiba SSD internal

As noted above Toshiba use a 7mm height casing for this SSD and it is 69.85mm wide with a depth of 100mm. The casing is metal and this gives it, combined with the internal components, a weight of 52g. There is a branding/information sticker on one side of the drive, the other is plain and inside a pad is applied to the casing.

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